Beginning educators rely on interactive practice exams to ensure their success in the . Certifyteacher solutions provide you a focused, timesaving way to identify the information you need to know to pass your certification exam and accelerate your career.

Although you can use Certifyteacher solutions in a number of ways, we strongly recommend you approach the modules in the following sequence.


Once you have purchased your online solution, you will be able to login right away to the exam of your choice. Upon login you will arrive in the Main Menu window where we recommend you submit to a practice test in Exam Mode to establish a baseline of your current readiness. You will be prompted to subscribe to the Study Plan Tracker which we strongly recommend. Based on a comprehensive performance analysis of your results in the practice test, this feature helps you focus on the specific skills for which you need improvement, so it is a good idea to subscribe to the Study Plan Tracker.


Submit to the full-length exam. The solution simulates the actual exam environment. The exam is timed, and the questions are presented in a clear and concise format, similar to what might be found in the real exam. Thought-provoking answer choices challenge you and promote critical thinking at every level. Answers are not provided until you’ve completed the entire exam.

(Show navigating and answering questions in the exam) (Show clicking the End button | clicking Score Exam button | show Score Report with a passing score)


Select Review Answers (at the bottom of the Score Report page) and review the explanatory commentaries for all questions on the test – correct and incorrect answers – as they may contain information that might answer another question on the real test.

During review, if you need to exit for any reason, no worries. You can always resume where you left off by clicking the Exam History link in the Main Menu and selecting Details for the exam you submitted. At the bottom of Score Report you select Review Answers, and then Review to select the question you were reviewing last and resume from there.


After you’re done reviewing all the questions in the exam, click Results at the bottom of the page to take you back to Score Report. Next click Study Plan to start building quizzes with questions for only those competencies reported you need improvement. It will take you to the Study Plan Tracker page. You can also access Study Plan Tracker from the Main Menu.


We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the content of your exam. To do this, click Exam Tips in the Main Menu. It provides you with content-related information, besides study tips and test-taking advice specific to your exam. These are important tips designed to help you in your effort to get the score you deserve!


Finally, to top it off, it is time for flashcards. This exercise alone will drill your knowledge of key educational concepts, theories and laws. It presents hundreds of vocabulary items in a flashcard format that allows you to review them in an untimed, low-pressure environment. You will need a thorough understanding of these terms to answer questions on the test correctly.